It is recommended to start building your HTML email from an IU Branded template and use content blocks we provide. You can find the templates in the “IU Branded Templates folder” located in the Shared section. You can find the blocks themselves in the IU Assets folder.

Add a Text content block in Salesforce Marketing Cloud Content Builder

To add a Text content block:

  1. Click on the layout content region where you want to add a Text content block, and then, in the left pane, on the Blocks tab, click the Text content block and drag it into place:

    The 'Text' content block is highlighted.

  2. Click the text block to edit it; on the Content tab, use the WYSIWYG editor to enter and format your text (you also can add a web or location link, or add an email link):

    The 'Content' tab's WYSIWYG editor

  3. On the Block Settings tab, choose Show or Hide for "View on mobile device":

    The 'View on mobile device' option on the 'Block Settings' tab

  4. Add a background, border, and/or spacing, as desired.
  5. When you're finished, click Done Editing.