Create Email with HTML

It is recommended to start building your HTML email from an IU Branded template and use content blocks we provide. You can find the templates in the “IU Branded Templates folder” located in the Shared section. You can find the blocks themselves in the IU Assets folder.

Create an email message using the HTML type in Salesforce Marketing Cloud Content Builder

When sending email from cases, be careful not to include any protected health information (ePHI) that might be present in the Salesforce case.
  1. Click Create Email and select HTML from the drop-down menu.

    HTML email type option

  2. In "Define Email Properties", give the email a descriptive name, and select the business unit's local folder where the email will be saved. Click Next.
  3. The HTML editor will open for editing. Enter the subject of the email. The subject is required.
    After entering the subject, click the Save button that appears when you click into the "Subject" field; otherwise, it will not save.

    Email subject field

  4. Create the email content. IU has resources for design and content in email, such as the editorial style guide and brand guidelines (including simple email messages and social samples).

    Use any of the following methods to create your content using HTML:

    Edit method Description
    Copy/paste HTML

    Marketing Cloud will also generate a plain text version of each HTML email message created.

    As long as you do not touch the plain text version, it will automatically update with any changes to the HTML version. Once the HTML version is complete and approved, you may optionally modify the plain text version.
    Microsoft Word

    Copy content from a Word document and paste it into an HTML editor in the "design" view.

    In the HTML editor's code view, add <html><body> to the top and </body></html> to the end.

    Plain text
    Use plain text email message when no formatting other than hard returns is needed or available.
  5. If your HTML doesn't include required Marketing Cloud anti-spam coding for the Physical Mailing Address, Profile Center, and Track Opens, add them to the message or use a Send Classification.
  6. Send the message.