Email Layout

It is recommended to start building your HTML email from an IU Branded template and use content blocks we provide. You can find the templates in the “IU Branded Templates folder” located in the Shared section. You can find the blocks themselves in the IU Assets folder.

Use email layouts in Salesforce Marketing Cloud Content Builder

When using a template to create an email message, each template has a different layout made up of content blocks. You can change the properties to display the desired number of content blocks and columns.

To edit the layout properties:

  1. Hover over the layout and click. "Layout editing" opens in the left pane. There are three tabs for layout editing:
    • Content
    • Layout Settings
    • Configure
  2. In the Content tab, you can drag and drop different blocks to the layout area:
  3. In the Layout Settings tab, you can:
    • Select for mobile device preview
    • Adjust mobile column stacking (if the layout has more than one column)
    • Style the background, border, and spacing
  4. Under the Configure tab, if you have multiple columns in your layout, change the width of the columns and the space between them as desired.
  5. When you have finished editing the layout, click Done Editing.