Create Template from an Email

Save an email message as a template in Salesforce Marketing Cloud Content Builder

If you have an email message that you would like to use for future sends, you can save the message as a template:

  1. When you are ready to save your email message as a template, from the "Save" drop-down menu in the top right corner, select Save as Template.

    From the 'Save' drop-down menu, select 'Save as Template'

  2. The "Save as template" box will open. Give the new template a descriptive name.

    In the 'Save as template' box, enter a name for the new email template

  3. For "Location", a default folder will automatically display for saving your template. Click the text to change the folder.
    Select a location from your business unit's folder within the Local Folders.

    For 'Location', click the text to change the folder for your new email template

  4. Click Save. Your email message will display as a template.

    The email message is saved and displayed as a new template

When sending email from cases, be careful not to include any protected health information (ePHI) that might be present in the Salesforce case.