Export Data

Export data from a data extension in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

To export data from a data extension:

  1. Navigate to Subscribers, and select Data Extensions.

    Salesforce Marketing Cloud Subscribers menu: Select Data Extensions

  2. Select the data extension and click Export.
  3. The Export Data Extension wizard opens. Give the file a file name and a file type.

    Under "File Type", select one of the following:

    • Comma-separated values (.csv): The file will export as a CSV file.
    • Tab-separated values (.txt): The file will export as a TXT file.
    • Other (.txt): If you choose this file type, you must enter a 1-character delimiter in the field.
  4. Under "Export Options", select any of the following:
    • Include column headers: Export the data extension field names as column headers.
    • Compress file: The filename will export with a .zip extension.
    • Encrypt file: Not used.
  5. Under "Delivery Location", select Browser Download. Click Export.
  6. The file will download and you will receive a success message. Click Export.