Use Data Extensions

What is a Data Extension?

A data extension is a table within the application database that contains data. Use Data Extensions to have access to custom subscriber attributes. This could be t-shirt size or attributes like city, country, zipcode for use in filtering, reporting, email dynamic content, or subscriptions.

What is the difference between a Data Extension and a Subscriber List?

Use a List When...

  • your lists will contain 500,000 subscribers or less long-term
  • you prefer simplicity over performance
  • you do not require fast import speed
  • you plan to use a limited number of subscriber attributes, (the options are first name, last name and email address.)

Use a Data Extension When...

  • your lists are going to be greater than 500,000 subscribers
  • you support multiple subscriber data sets (with separate definitions)
  • you send global messages
  • you require fast import speeds
  • you implement triggered sends
  • you prefer a flexible subscription model