Publication Lists

Understanding and Creating Publication Lists

Publication lists help you manage subscribers' unsubscribe or opt-out actions when sending to a data extension. Having a separate publication list for each communication type enables you to honor an opt-out request from one publication type without unsubscribing that person from all previously subscribed-to publications. If you use only one publication list for all of a subscriber's communications and if that person opts out of one publication, that subscriber will be opted out automatically from all publications.

To create a Publication list, navigate to Subscribers > Publication lists

  1. Click Create to create your publication list and name it similarly to your email. Do not make it public.
  2. Click Save.
  3. Choose this publication list when sending an email to your data extension. The list will populate when you use it the first time.

 If someone does unsubscribe, the recipients status will change from Active to Unsubscribe and provided you are using a Commercial Send Classification with that send, they will not get the email.