Email Framework

The image above shows a formal email after the style guide as been applied

How it helps you

  •  Understanding content better
     Not all readers will have the time to read through the email. The framework will help your readers to understand the content quicker and not miss out on the important details. 


  •  Freedom within the structure
    The guideline helps you bring consistency. We understand that one size does not fit all, therefore we have created a framework that allows you to communicate in a manner that you see fit.


  •  Credibility in the information
    The style guidelines help authenticate the information given to readers. Confirming to the readers that the email comes from credible sources.


  •  Helps you compose material quickly 
    Within Marketing Cloud we have created some templates for newsletters, campaigns, and events.Helping you create the content you need quickly and change it as per your needs


  •  Personalized content for the readers 
    The style guide and the templates will create personalized content for your readers. Forming a personal connecting and confirming that the information is intended for them.