Submit a Brand Configuration

As part of the Email Framework, some of your configurations will now be centralized. You provide us with your information, and we keep track of it using a key, called a Sender Entity ID. Since each ID is unique, your unit can submit as many configurations as needed.

When you create a message, you just reference the appropriate key and the associated information gets entered for you, leading to a process that is more convenient and data that is more consistent.

For example, messages will no longer use marketing lockups. Instead, they will use texted-based branding headers, which are automatically populated with your unit's information when you reference a Sender Entity ID.


Screenshot of branding header example. IU trident is to the left. To the right is the names of the primary and secondary units. Secondary unit is College of Arts + Sciences, in small text above primary unit. Primary unit is Department of Chemistry, in large bold text below secondary unit.


Each header will include a primary unit (ex. Department of Chemistry), which identifies who the email is coming from. You also have the option to include a secondary unit (ex. College of Arts + Sciences), which is usually the larger department or office that your unit is a part of.

Your Sender Entity IDs will also be used to fill in a variety of other fields, allowing you to focus on the content of your message. Complete our Sender Entity ID request form to start using the Email Framework. 


Request a Sender Entity ID