Import Subscriber

Import Subscribers into a list in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

  1. Create a spreadsheet with your list of subscribers, saving as either .txt or .csv. Include these columns:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Subscriber Key
    • Email Address
  2. Make sure your list is prepared for import.
  3. Log into the Marketing Cloud.
  4. Navigate to Subscribers, and select Lists.

    Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Navigate to Subscribers and select Lists

  5. Navigate to My Lists, and open your folder.
  6. Find the list to which you wish to add subscribers, and click to open it.
  7. Click Import. In the "Import Wizard" window that opens, click Next.
  8. Before you can send email in the Marketing Cloud, you need permission from the subscribers to do so. If you have permission, check I agree and click Next.

    Salesforce Marketing Cloud Opt-in certification screen

  9. Upload the spreadsheet you created; do not use FTP.

    Salesforce Marketing Cloud upload source screen

  10. Select your Data Format:
    • .csv
    • Tab Delimited
    • Other Delimited: select a one-character delimiter
  11. Select your Update Option:
    • Add new subscribers and update subscribers that already exist.
    • Add new subscribers but do not update subscribers that already exist.
    • Update existing subscribers but do not add subscribers that do not exist.

    Click Next.

  12. Map the user attributes to the columns in the uploaded file. Minimally, you need the email address and the Subscriber Key.

    Salesforce Marketing Cloud map user attributes screen

    Click Next.

  13. Review and confirm your mapping selections. To receive an import confirmation message, check Email me upon import completion, and enter your email address. Click Finish.

For each import, the system logs the following information:

  • The results of your import:
    • Name of your import file
    • ID of the list into which the subscribers were imported
    • Number of subscribers imported
    • Number of existing subscribers updated with new data
    • Number of records that were not imported
  • All data fields for each subscriber record that could not be imported, and the reason why the import was unsuccessful