Manage Subscriber Lists

What is a Subscriber?

A subscriber is a person who has opted to receive communications from your organization. You must have a valid email address for each subscriber to whom you send emails. You can also track additional information about subscribers using the profile and preference attributes. You can use the subscriber key to identify your subscribers. You store email subscriber information in lists or data extensions. Prepare subscriber lists prior to import to minimize errors. Populate the information in the lists and data extensions when you import subscribers using the import subscriber wizard or the import activity, create a subscriber in the user interface, or otherwise add subscribers to your account, such as through a smart capture form. The system processes the information and adds it to your account according to the parameters that you set up.

You can use groups and data filters to segment subscribers. When you send a message, you select the list, data extension, and/or groups to receive the message.

Email Message Subscribers

You must have a valid email address and a subscriber key for each subscriber you plan to send an email to.

A valid email address:

  • is less than 100 characters long
  • has no leading or trailing spaces
  • contains only supported ASCII characters