Search for Subscriber

Search for a subscriber in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

To search for a subscriber in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud:

  1. Navigate to Subscribers, and select Lists.

    Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Navigate to Subscribers and select Lists

  2. Find the folder with your subscriber lists, and click to open it.

    Salesforce subscriber list folder

  3. Find the folder with the subscriber list you want to search, and click to open it.
  4. Click the Subscribers tab.
  5. The list of subscribers will display. Above the list, click Search.
  6. The "Search Subscribers" dialog box will open. You can search for the subscriber by the following criteria:
    • Email Address: The email address must exactly match the email address in the subscriber's record.
    • Domain: For example, enter or
    • HTML Email Preference: Yes and No.
    • Subscriber Status: Active, Returned, Undeliverable, or Unsubscribed.
    • Subscriber Key: See Subscriber keys in Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

    Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Selecting subscriber search criteria

  7. Click Find Now. The results will display below the query. Click the subscriber you want. You can view the subscriber's properties, or you can export, delete, or move/copy the subscriber.

    Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Viewing subscriber properties

    A subscriber's engagement history is visible for 90 days in this view.

  8. Click Close to finish.