Create Subscriber List

Create a subscriber list in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

To create a subscriber list in Salesforce Marketing Cloud:

  1. Navigate to Subscribers, and select Lists.

    Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Navigate to Subscribers and select Lists

  2. Go to My Lists and click Create.
  3. Enter the name of your list. If you want your list to be public, check Public List.

    Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Naming a new subscriber list

  4. Enter a description of the list, if desired. Do not enter an external key; one will be created when you save the new list.
  5. Under "Location", select the folder where you want to save your list.

    Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Select a folder for a new subscriber list

  6. If your list will be associated with a Service Cloud Campaign, you can find and select your campaign under "Campaign Association". Click Next.
  7. Check the box if you would like a welcome email to be sent to new subscribers when they are added to the list. Click Save.