Access Subscriber Data

Access subscriber properties in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

To access a subscriber's properties in Salesforce Marketing Cloud:

  1. Navigate to Subscribers, and select Lists.

    Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Navigate to Subscribers and select Lists

  2. Find the folder with your subscriber lists, and click to open it.

    Salesforce subscriber list folder

  3. Click the name of the appropriate subscriber list to open it.
  4. Click the Subscribers tab, and then click the name of the subscriber whose data you want to modify.
  5. In the subscriber's property dialog box that opens, there are four tabs:
    • The General tab displays the subscriber's email address, subscriber key, number of bounces, and unsubscribes. You may edit the email address. You cannot edit the subscriber key. If you need to edit, check and record the lists the subscriber is on, and then delete the subscriber and create a new user profile for them. Add to the lists the subscriber was on.
    • The Attributes tab lets you view and modify the subscriber's name and preference attributes.
    • The Lists tab displays all of the lists to which the subscriber belongs. You can add or remove lists by clicking Add or Remove. The "Add to Subscriber Lists" dialog box will open. Select list(s) to add and click OK.
    • The History tab lists the subscriber's email activities for the past 90 days.
  6. When you are finished viewing and modifying the subscriber's properties, click OK.