Track Data

Track data from email sends in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

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Tracking is a collection of data that allows you to view metrics such as email opens, clicks, undeliverables, and forwards online.

By using tracking, you can accurately target your audience and change the content or frequency of your emails based on your subscribers' actions.

The tracking workspace

The tracking workspace is where you can manage tracking information on email sends.

Step 1

To get to the tracking workspace, navigate to Tracking and click. The Tracking and Reports hierarchy opens on the left-hand side. Under My Tracking, click the folder you want.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud tracking menu

Step 2

After you click the folder, the list of all the email sends in that folder opens in the workspace.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud email sends list

Step 3

In the workspace toolbar, you can set the tracking you want to view in the list by selecting Set Grid Preferences.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud tracking workspace grid preferences

Step 4

Check the boxes of the columns you would like to display in the list view.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Tracking Grid Preferences

Step 5

To compare tracking data for multiple email sends, check the boxes next to the messages you would like to compare, and click Compare Email Sends in the workspace toolbar.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Compare Email Sends

Step 6

Your selected email messages will display and will be compared to each other based on what grid preferences you have set. You can export or print the results.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud compare email send results

Tracking details report

Tracking Details is a useful report for a summary of your email send's tracking data.

Step 1

In your Tracking Workspace, click the name of the email send whose tracking details you want to view.

Step 2

This opens the tracking details of the email send. You can select specific recipient lists to view, and you can export tracking information.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Tracking Details screen

Step 3

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Tracking Details tabs

At the top of the Tracking Details overview, there are five tabs:

  • Overview: Contains graphs with details related to the email send, such as:
    • Send Performance (bounces)
    • Summary
    • Open Performance (opens)
    • Forward to a Friend
    • Inbox Activity
    • Unengaged Subscribers
  • Click Activity: This tab will display each link from the email send and the percentage of clicks for each link. Click each link for click statistics. You can view it as an email overlay (pictured) or a list.
  • Conversions: This tab shows conversions resulting from the email send.
  • Surveys: This tab displays surveys and responses in the email send.
  • Job Links

Step 4

When you view a list of subscribers, you can copy or export the list. You can also search for a subscriber, or select a subscriber and view his/her properties or history.