Campaign Email Tracking

Salesforce Service Cloud email tracking

To view tracking information for a Service Cloud message:

  1. Go to "Email Sends" and, in the "Email Send Number" column, single-click the number to open the email window.

    Salesforce Service Cloud: Click the email send number

  2. On this page, under "Tracking Info", you can see metrics for send performance, activity, open performance, and unengaged subscribers. At the bottom of the campaign report, you can open or download detailed reports (e.g., opens, bounces).

To view information for Service Cloud campaigns with Marketing Cloud Email Reports:

  1. Find your Service Cloud campaign and open it.
  2. Scroll to "Email Sends", and click the email send number you want.
  3. Find the Job ID.

    Salesforce Service Cloud: Job ID

  4. Log into the Marketing Cloud and navigate to "My Tracking" (Marketing Cloud > Emails > Tracking > My Tracking).
  5. Search in relevant folders in the hierarchy and find the job number for your particular email send. Click Name to view the report.