Send an Email

Send email in Salesforce Service Cloud

When sending email from cases, be careful not to include any protected health information (ePHI) that might be present in the Salesforce case.

To send email in Salesforce Service Cloud:

  1. Create your campaign and add your recipients in the Service Cloud.
  2. Log into the Service Cloud and navigate to Marketing Cloud.
  3. Under "Email Send", verify your business unit.

    Salesforce Service Cloud: Verifying business unit

  4. For the "Email" field, click Find to locate the email message you created in the Marketing Cloud.
  5. The subject line will come over from Marketing Cloud, and can be edited.
  6. For "Recipients", you can choose campaigns and/or reports. Click + (plus sign) to add items to the box below.
  7. Select any exclusion campaigns or reports. Don't forget to click + (plus sign) to add items to the box below.
    It is not necessary to check Remember recipients and exclusions for this email.
  8. In the "From" section, select the radio button for Send Classification. Do not select Email Address. When you use a Send Classification, the "Reply-to" box will display "--Default--"; it will use the reply-to information that is already set in the Send Classification.
    It is not necessary to check Disable Individual Level Tracking.

    Salesforce Service Cloud: Setting 'From' information

  9. Select Dedupe subscribers; the campaign will have already de-duped contact records based on "ContactID".
  10. Under "Send Date and Time", you can set to send immediately or schedule a send date and time.
  11. Check I certify all of these people have opted in, and then click Send to send the email.