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Marketing Cloud

The Marketing Cloud is an email tool similar to bulk mailers such as WhatCounts, MailChimp, and Constant Contact.

Marketing Cloud is used for:

  • Templates and email creation
  • Sending emails from both Marketing and Service Clouds
  • Static lists
  • Subscription management (newsletters)
  • Data extensions
  • Throttling email sends
  • Advanced analytic data and reports

Service Cloud

Service Cloud is the Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) database.

Service Cloud is used for:

  • Enterprise IU data feeds
  • Creating/importing/exporting contacts
  • Reports/filters on IU enterprise data to send to different groups of IU recipients
  • Simple sends (scheduling only)
  • Sending emails to Campaigns and Reports

What are the features of Marketing Cloud?

Primary features
  • Subscriber lists
  • Email sends and analytics
  • Email design and email templates
  • Subscription management (profile center, subscription center, opt-in/out, web collect subscriptions form)
  • Shared design resources
  • Team-based subscriber attributes (Data Extensions)
  • Email throttling
  • Usability
  • Newsletter capability
  • Private lists and subscriber records
  • Storage of team-based subscriber attributes or transactional data for use in emails or segmentation
  • Sends in Marketing Cloud do not link back to central Service Cloud contact record unless SFID is used as subscriber key.
  • Currently, there is no dynamic access to IU source data (employees, students).

What are the features of Service Cloud?


Service Cloud is the primary constituent database with reporting capabilities.

Primary features
  • IU faculty and staff source data loaded daily (all campuses)
  • IU enrolled student data loaded daily (all campuses)
  • Source of unique “SFID” for use in future functions or linked applications
  • Simple email sends
  • Contact-based views and histories
  • Enterprise-wide views to contact records
  • Future “hub” of contacts-to-services
  • Ease-of-use for internal or operational messaging
  • Cannot store company or organization name and data at this time
  • Cannot overwrite IU source data with “preferred” contact details
  • No subscription management
  • Must use import utility to upload lists, which is complex (peopleimport)
  • Only well-maintained contact records should be uploaded to Service Cloud